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Project management consultancy that will help you stay ahead of time.

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GYORFI project management consultancy focuses on providing businesses with the ultimate project and program management expertise they need to achieve their rightfully ambitious goals. We are specialized in regulatory, digitalization, business and IT project or program execution. We believe that every business is to realize its full potential once having the right tools and processes in place. We are here to help make that happen.

Let us lead you through your project journey towards a new norm.

Our Project Management methodologies

At GYORFI project management consultancy, we work with a range of well-known and widely-used Project management methodologies. This enables us to execute projects of all sizes and help clients in various industries. I will work with you to create a customized approach for your project. Whether you need a project lead, program manager, or change manager, we have you covered too.  Our services include initiation, planning, execution and post-project support.

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“ I worked with Rita on a very important project implementation SWIFT (TSS). I can only say positives. Rita is very reliable, she made sure that the discussed tasks of the project were always done on time. Rita is very persistent in the achieving results, which shows a high level of professionalism. The presentations in meetings reflected the necessary information, at the same time were strict to the point. It was a pleasure to work with Rita on the project as she is also very polite and friendly. Rita is one of the best PMs with whom I worked."

- Yuliia Peresypkina

"Rita is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and professional. I have seen Rita develop her knowledge over time and know that she is very capable and would bring value to any organisation."

- Bina Champaneria

"I had the opportunity to work with Rita on a Sharepoint implementation project. She is very flexible, diplomatic and has excellent listening skills."

- Yuka Akiyama

"Rita is a very energetic, honest and reliable person. She does her job with passion, enthusiasm and dedication. She truly embraces diverse perspectives, thinks outside of the box and quickly adapts to changes. I highly recommend Rita."

- Andrea Ruberto

"Rita is a people-oriented professional, leaving a positive impression in every interaction. Her radiant approach to work and enthusiasm for innovation make her a true breath of fresh air, fostering a collaborative atmosphere."

- Anais Rassatti

"I was working with Rita during the project about SWIFT sanction screening. I really appreciated the way Rita was managing the project. She was professional, accountable, she was permanently keeping us updated. Thanks to her this complex project was smoothly implemented. I share the same vision of Rita's professionalism, high level of soft skills and professional engagement with other colleagues who had also the opportunity to work with her. "

- Justyna Muryn

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