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Györfi Rita

Project management consultancy

With over 10 years of professional experience in various functions in Luxembourg as an employee and entrepreneur, I decided to launch GYORFI project management consultancy. Throughout my career, I have managed international, global as well as local projects in compliance, business, digitalization and IT areas in the banking and industrial sectors. Managing projects energizes me every day. It is my passion. Project management carries novelty, change and teamwork. Successful projects add value to businesses and the potential is unlimited. Being the lead of a project means to me that I can directly contribute to such success stories. Through the projects I led, I also gained exposure to various expertise beyond the specialist skills of Project management. These include risk management, internal control, tax, compliance and the banking industry's regulatory framework. I brought this knowledge into GYORFI project management consultancy with me and can leverage it day by day for the benefit of my clients.  What else I bring is my curiosity, my sharp focus on problem-solving and an immense capacity for learning about your business, your projects and about project management. I am dedicated to delivering superior results and am committed to building long-lasting relationships with my clients, based on trust, integrity and mutual respect.

Working Together on Project

What is Project Management Consulting?

Project Management Consulting is a professional service provided by experienced consultants to help organizations improve their performance and achieve their goals. Project management requires specialist skills, such active listening, expertise in analysis, planning, collaboration, anticipation and excellence in communication. At GYORFI Project Management, we offer various project management methodologies, including waterfall and agile approaches. I work closely with my clients to understand their needs and choose together with them customized solutions that address their specific challenges, considering their organization, resources and priorities. I am committed to helping my clients achieve sustainable growth and success.

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