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Project management methodologies


The project management methodology of a business is not a label. Instead, a business is to decide at the beginning of every project what project management framework to use, given there is no one-size-fits-all. Here are a few specifies of the AgilePM approach. 

AgilePM and PRINCE2 Agile

Application AgilePM 

Agile PM is a scaled agile framework and is project focused. It has emerged as a great melange of the robustness of the waterfall method as well as the swiftness of the agile way of working. This method has fixed the time and cost elements of the project and prioritize solution quality. Compared to the traditional waterfall project management, there is a reduced risk of building the wrong solution and the deployment can be smoother. The foundations of such a project are agreed at an early stage in order to understand the scope and features of the proposed solution. The details of the solution however emerge later, in an iterative manner.

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