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You can contact us for more information, to get an appointment or if you wish to send us your project. We made online booking also possible. Take a look at the options below.

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Book Györfi call

Don't feel ready for a one-to-one Györfi advisory hour? Book a half-an hour chat on the phone.

Advisory fee: 50 Eur

Book Györfi advisory hour

Györfi advisory hour is a 60-minute meeting in person for both induviduals and businesses.

Advisory fee: 145 Eur

Book Györfi Five

Save money with planing - Györfi Five 5 x 60 minutes 

Advisory fee: 500 Eur

Book Györfi Sport

Györfi Sport is our speciality! It is a 60-minute advisory hour at an outdoor venue - walking, running, biking etc while chating. Advisory fee: 120 Eur

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