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Happy Family at Home

Wish to end your divorce battle?
Difficult to move on after separation?
Disappointed with your marriage or relationship?
Trying too hard to find the right partner?

We can help

  • advisory during divorce process to restore communication

  • support in understanding the reasons of a separation

  • helping families experiencing relationship issues

  • guiding singles to establish a fulfilling family life

  • hands-on and tailored individual advice

  • optimized consultation structure - we save time for you 

  • phone call appointments at request

  • advisory at outdoor venues 

  • 100% confidentiality 

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Book Györfi call

Don't feel ready for a one-to-one Györfi advisory hour? Book a half-an hour chat on the phone.

Advisory fee: 50 Eur

Book Györfi advisory hour

Györfi advisory hour is a 60-minute meeting in person for both individuals and businesses.

Advisory fee: 145 Eur

Book Györfi Five

Save money with planning - Györfi Five, 5 x 60 minutes 

Advisory fee: 500 Eur

Book Györfi Sport

Györfi Sport is our speciality! It is a 60-minute advisory hour at an outdoor venue - walking, running, biking etc while chating. Advisory fee: 120 Eur