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I'm glad you found this page. Ready to discover more about how you can make an impact on your human relations on a daily basis, instead of waiting in vain that all will work out some day?

My name is Rita Györfi. I'm a communication expert. I believe that with the right tools of verbal and non-verbal communication, fulfilling human relations are achievable. But it can only be achieved with you taking action!


 a free spirit and a liberal entrepreneur

More about Györfi advisory


Györfi Communication advisory helps you with practical and tailored sets of advice on how to make the best experience out of your human relations like solving conflicts at work - with a business partner, a colleague or within a team, improving your negotiation skills, restore your communication during divorce, build a happy relationship at home, take a chance to save your marriage or understand and move on after your divorce. 

As a result of a combination of focus on one specific goal defined by you and of targeting this latter with practical advice, we can efficiently tackle the problem within 3-5 sessions. No more endless consultations for you.


Because human nature is built in a way that we all want to belong, want to be loved and approved in our professional as well as in our private life and relationships. Without appreciation, love, recognition, what would be the purpose of all our actions in life?

If you are a business leader, don't let your team be torn apart from conflicts and stress. Be proactive, contact us and let us improve the communication among the team members in order to become more productive and enable you to achieve your goals!


Communication and social relations have always been my areas of interest. I'm not a psychologist. My expertise lies in approaching relations from a communication perspective and solving relationship issue through verbal and non-verbal communication.


I offer therefore a different approach about human relation matters. I'll guide you through a list of practical advice how to set yourself up for success and happiness with the help of appropriate communication tools and the understanding of your (business) partner by mainly focusing on gender and individual differences and bridging those, as well as implementing a definition based communication. I would be glad to help you to get rid of the limited negative beliefs and to overcome the fear of failure and rejection and show you how to perceive the snags in your life as opportunities instead of challenges.


if you are a business leader and you wish to:

  • solve a conflict with an employee

  • handle issues among team members 

  • improve efficiency and satisfaction of your team 

if you are an individual and want to:  

  •   improve your dating experience

  •   build a new relationship

  •   save your marriage

  •   get back your ex

  •   restore communication during a divorce process 

  •   understand and move on after divorce

  •   make a fresh start after a break-up


For SMEs and corporations, the advisory fee for a one-to-one session is 199 EUR + 17% VAT for 60 minutes.

For team-building and stress management events we provide a tailored offer.

For private individuals, Györfi advisory fee is 145 EUR for a 60-minute advisory hour.

You can also book a half-an hour phone call session for 50 Eur if you don't feel ready for a personal meeting or just want to find out more information.

Book a Györfi Five which is 5 x 60 minutes advisory time for 500 Eur.

All fees vary for those in socially difficult life situation, so please don't hesitate to ask!


My office is in Luxemburg city center.
Please get in touch to agree on an appointment and let's get started.